How it works

InfraBlocks consists of composable infrastructure modules which can be used in any of three ways...

Use a module

There are around 100 open-source InfraBlocks modules that each solve one problem and solve it well. All modules are fully tested, free and open source (MIT licensed) and actively maintained by Atomic. They are intentionally independent and interchangeable. Cloud best practices are built-in to each module; with security, reliability, scaling and cost efficiency carefully considered.

When and why to choose this path

You have an existing infrastructure and you're looking for a library or module for a specific task. Maybe you have a lot of Terraform code that you rely on and need to test, so you want to execute Terraform commands in Ruby. Or perhaps you want to deploy a docker container to AWS ECS and want a bunch of ECS Terraform modules to do the heavy lifting, so you can get back to writing application code. Unfamiliar with networking? Use our base network Terraform module as a best practice foundation. Need to automate setup for multiple accounts in AWS? Use our organization automation, we wrote a walk-through here.

Fork or contribute if a module doesn't suit your needs exactly. We welcome community contributions.


  1. Explore our broad library of modules
  2. Identify the module(s) needed for your use case
  3. Get stuck? File an issue on GitHub, we'll help you out.
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