How it works

InfraBlocks consists of composable infrastructure modules which can be used in any of three ways...

Capabilities done right

Add a capability to your existing infrastructure so you don't need to reinvent the wheel for common problems. InfraBlocks grew out of seeing the same needs arising over and over in different organisations. We extracted complete solutions for these, and using InfraBlocks you can seamlessly add them to your existing architecture.

When and why to choose this path

You have an existing infrastructure but you're missing one or more key capabilities. You might be struggling with uptime and want to get cloud-agnostic alerting and monitoring tools in place. Or perhaps you've outgrown your secrets strategy and you're looking for a more robust and secure solution for secrets management. Maybe the weight of maintaining Jenkins is killing your teams productivity and you want to move to a more modern alternative. Regardless of where you're struggling, InfraBlocks has the capabilities to help.


  1. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements
  2. Jointly define platform needs and solutions
  3. Collaboratively implement with us
  4. Leverage on-going support and improvements
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