How it works

InfraBlocks consists of composable infrastructure modules which can be used in any of three ways...

Complete infrastructure

Rapidly set up an entire end-to-end solution so you can focus on building your product rather than worrying about the hassle of rolling out your own cloud implementation. As your product matures and your audience grows, InfraBlocks provides built-in levers for your infrastructure to adapt and scale.

When and why to choose this path

There are two primary scenarios in which you'd want to use InfraBlocks as an entire infrastructure offering. The first is if you're setting up a greenfield project and you want to get up and running quickly with an infrastructure which will allow you to scale. The second is if you're migrating from a less mature infrastructure and you're looking for a more maintainable solution which comes out-of-the-box with all the capabilities you need.

Next steps

If you decide to proceed with InfraBlocks, here's what you can expect:

  1. We'll discuss your requirements
  2. Jointly define the target architecture
  3. Collaboratively implement the target architecture
  4. On-going support, updates and improvements
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