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LogicBlocks shortcuts your development time.

Building bespoke products from scratch takes time, imagine if you had common components prepared earlier. Compose our logical blocks, for user management, onboarding, payments, notifications, fully compliant data handling and many more, in whichever way suits you to save you more time to focus on what makes you unique.

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Bootstrap your business and retain control of its future

Rapidly lay the technical groundwork for your business using our customisable logical blocks so that you can directly work on your USP.

LogicBlocks’ headless and modular approach enables evolutionary architecture and provides an anti-corruption layer protecting against vendor lock-in. You control the full user experience supported by our powerful and flexible services.

If you ever find you need to eject from using a particular module, it’s straightforward to replace specific functionality without needing to re-architect large parts of your product.

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Uniform API

All of our services conform to a standardised and well-documented JSON data format. This ensures that you can seamlessly integrate with each service without the overhead of adapting to a new format every time.


We strongly believe that accurate resource representations and the links between them is the key benefit of doing REST. All our services meet the highest level of the Richardson Maturity Model which makes them easier for you to use.

Event Sourced

We leverage event-sourcing at the core of our services, which means we maintain a full auditable history of every change your data goes through, and we can easily adapt to any unforeseen requirements in data structure and management.

Event Driven

Modern systems are frequently event-driven to ensure better decoupling between services, better scalability and higher degree of robustness. All of LogicBlocks is built on this principle and we additionally ensure that you can integrate our services with any preferred queue or messaging system.


Tools which couple content management and data with the user experience can create a rigid environment which limits your ability to create compelling and innovative products. With LogicBlocks you maintain that control whilst still being able to leverage all of our ready-made capabilities.

Anti-Corruption Layer

When integrating directly with third-party providers you often incur the overhead of having to build your own anti-corruption layer. With LogicBlocks this anti-corruption layer comes for free, ensuring that your business is flexible enough to meet the demands of the future.